Coseley Urban District Council living War Memorial

Coseley Urban District Council living War Memorial.
Planted in 1928

Photo with permission from Ian

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  1. Joanna Raynor Says:

    Do you know if this memorial is still in existence? – is there a list of those named? My Great uncle’s sister married and continued to live in Cosely until her death in the 70′s but I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning this memorial.

  2. Matt Mills Says:

    Part of the memorial is still in existence. Only twenty-six trees exist – it was twenty-eight until we lost one in August last year and another in June this year.

    The plaques with the servicemens’ names were taken away years ago and Coseley Urban District was split between Wolverhampton and Dudley. Both councils didn’t have much knowledge of the war memorial. I have been researching the memorial trees for eighteen months and I am hoping to have the surviving trees rededicated.

    Coseley Council also planted more trees from the late 40 to the mid 60s to replace some of the memorial trees that had been damaged. These were also recognised as memorial trees and eighteen remain in addition to the twenty-six originals.

  3. Matt Mills Says:

    I know have the names of all the servicemen who were killed. Both myself and a fellow member of the Sedgley Local History Society have managed to find all the names after over a year of research.

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